About Carlos

Path and experience to design and sustainability

Portrait of Carlos Martinez

Always motivated and curious

With more than 15 years’ experience as UX Design Lead and similar roles, I’m a unique and versatile designer, passionately committed to empowering sustainability and positive impact through design.


Design is an engine for positive change

Creating teams and cultures that work under a common purpose or vision. Promoting respect and an open ecosystem of innovation, in which everyone can have actionable ideas that lead to shared knowledge

Head of Design & Founder

Caleido Design SARL.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland – Caleido builds meaningful products, invests in new ideas, and helps ideas grow through its emphasis on positive impact and sustainability.

It provides a value, a value that generates a human change. Caleido generates an exponential positive impact through design.

Plant the seed of impact in your ideas, so that these ideas plant this seed in others.

Carlos is great. The best colleague you can have. His performance and attitude can't be better. Always ready to give you solutions. Creative with engineer background.
Óscar López-Sainz
Carlos is a responsible, complete, and very talented professional. But what makes him remarkable is that he really enjoys what he does, which leads him to continue learning, get better every day, and to be the great designer that he is.
Julian Pascual